Well I am back!Had to take some time away from blogging..i’m sure most creative people go through this creative block(knows ways to get out of this funk..share on the comment section)Had to see how best to inspire more plus-size girls in the community.Right now i’m in a better head and creative space.Can’t wait to share all that I have been working on IMG_0913

You know what they say with wearing that little black dress right?…You get to look damn sexy and in-charge!

Let’s jump straight into my outfit.


My black “dress” is actually my throw over coat.A few pin here and there and voila!It transformed into this beautiful thigh high LBD dress.Remember guys you don’t always have to spend money on the latest fashion..use what you have..there are so many D.I.Y videos on how to transform basic wardrobe items.The perks are you will have more staple pieces plus you get two outfits out of one!YAAAAY! 

Quick tips when doing this transformation

Remember not all coats can turn into a dress..ensure you’re coat is large enough..in size plus the material does come in handy.

-Pins pins and more pins!We don’t want to give away too much thigh game..we are trying to look sexy and not trashy out here in these streets.Plus a nice large belt..you can opt for a corset belt as well to bring out your tiny waist and body shape.

-I cannot more emphasis on this but your undergarments counts!Go for black and a good firm bra!



Paired my outfit with gold accessories and red chunky heels(because i die for these heels..super comfy).

Wear this to/for:

-A dinner date(can be with your girls or your man)

-A fashion cocktail event

-Or just a night out to the club. (you’ll be sure to turn heads) :p


xx Thanks for dropping by..talk to you next time xx

Outfit details



Gold belt- Moi Avenue Stalls

Location: Urban Eatery(delta towers)