This year I am investing in skincare and makeup products! Trust me!

Well, I don’t know about you but I am tired of seeing all these people with glowing skin and popping makeup and I am here not investing in myself. I have been getting some products here and there, finding out what works for me and what legit doesn’t.

dhl e shop for beauty

Now because I know it might be expensive buying from the stores around here, (trust me, I know), I just want to hook y’all up; because you know I am all about getting a bargain and making you save your coins. ( I love you that much)

DHL recently launched their eshop that enables you to directly shop from overseas stores such as Sephora (which is where I am going to get my skincare products). Because of this fantastic moment, they have decided that you can actually win $500 worth of shopping! (Glowing skin here I come, baby!!!!!) All you would need to do is use the promo code eShopBI for a discount.

I know maybe you’re asking yourself, um Nyawi how can I download the app? It’s pretty simple if you have an android like myself click here and if you own an iPhone click here for the link.

dhl e shop for beauty

This week I am purchasing some Fenty products for myself because there’s no way this year is ending without getting some Riri products in my bag as well as The Ordinary products because once again everyone is saying that this product is amazing.

dhl e shop for beauty

So I am off, but before I leave remember to live every day to the fullest.