Oh hell yeah!I finally faced my fears and rocked a drop waist dress!!!Most of us don’t really like the idea of a drop waist anything..because mostly they don’t flatter our bodies..am I right?


Tips on rocking your drop waist dress like a fashion god!:

-Prints:this plays a huge role in making your outfit work.

-Drop waist dresses go best with a pair of strappy heels..if you fall on the heavier side this will make you look taller with a banging silhouette.If you opt to go with flats I urge you to break the monotony of your outfit..i.e have a leather jacket on.

-Fitting:Make sure that the dress isn’t figure hugging..I’d advice that you go for one size up.I prefer this because it flows perfectly and one will actually see the drop waist detail.


I really loved my outfit..I think from now on,drop waist dresses are here to stay!I wanted to bring out a more causal vibe like i was going for lunch or to a rugby game or better yet bowling well even a movie date if i may add..lol. Paired my love heart print dress with my wide brimmed red hat,my leather jacket and sneakers to create the look.(you should see my face right now…really really loving this outfit combo)



Outfit Details

Hat: Toi market

Leather Jacket: Toi market

Dress: Curvy_closet_ke (you can purchase from here)

Location: Nyama Mama Ke(delta towers)


xx Have a great week xx