Well,Good Morning to my amazing readers!!!I do hope your weekend was full of bliss and rays of sunshine.As you know I started this fashion feature segment to get to know more about our own Kenyan fashion bloggers,style enthusiasts and style influencers.

This week we get to know more about the fashion blogger Winnie The Fashionista.Here’s more xx


About my blog…

I’m Winnie, 24 years young and I have a personal style blog is called Winnie The Fashionista’ .  I started my blog because I love fashion and wanted to inspire others by showcasing my personal style. Plus it was a creative outlet because at the time I was in law school… There is no creativity in law school.

About my #madeinkenya campaign…

I used to wear and feature mostly foreign brands in my outfit posts on my blog but I recently changed that. I feel like as a blogger who writes about fashion, I have a responsibility to contribute to the growth of the Kenyan fashion industry. So I decided to start featuring more #madeinkenya brands on my blog as much as I can. From clothes to accessories. I feel like there is a huge disconnect between designers in Kenya and consumers. This situation can be improved or eliminated altogether if designers worked more closely with bloggers. There is so much potential for growth.

My feature on The Fashionbomb Daily…

My recent feature on The Fashionbomb Daily was…I am beyond words! When I saw my photo on their Instagram I couldn’t sleep. I tried so hard to stop myself from screaming. Such a thing really boosts your confidence and makes you feel like you’re doing something right.

My career as a professional makeup artist…

I have been a professional makeup artist for a year now. So far so good.  I’m elated that I get to do the thing I love for a living. It is a very exciting career but has its pitfalls too. I’m not where I’d like to be in makeup but I work every day to make sure I get there. When I’m not working, I do makeup tutorials and post them to my YouTube channel here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKrr38B0aC9JhoXWhDQSyWQ  . When I’m not working I’m also running my blog on winniethemakeupartist.com

My social media accounts are :

INSTAGRAM : @winniethefashionista

FACEBOOK PAGE : Winnie The Fashionista

TWITTER : @winnieslovini



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