So two weeks ago,i was thinking about doing some sort of fashion shoot in a market..yes a grocery market.Wanted to portray a  grocery seller..aka mama mboga and even add the “bougie girl” sent to the market look as well.You see some things are best said then done right?I mean i felt like I wouldn’t achieve what I wanted…but oh well..Talked to my photographer…discussed locations and viola!The shoot finally took place!


Funny thing..or rather what really helped us achieve all of this is that I literally had to do my grocery Anyway apart from this shoot being fun it was also really really..i mean super awkward for me..everyone staring at you..and in all honesty I just wanted to get the heck out of there..I couldn’t stand it.

OH!on a positive note,I felt like this shoot looked it came out of a Safaricom advert/commercial..right?







And that concludes my day at the market 🙂

Have a great week ahead..and eat some fruits will you! xx