Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Well, personally on this beautiful Valentine’s Day I will be by myself enjoying a good bottle of wine (maybe), some yummy chocolate and cooking some damn good food. I don’y know about you lol

plus size valentine's day shoot

First of all, I decided to treat myself to a beautiful Valentine’s Day shoot. I’m my previous post here, I also wanted to just appreciate myself, my body and just be grateful for what I have. Most of you plus size queens need to fully appreciate yourselves, you do know that right? If you are alone/single this Valentine’s Day I have something for you.

plus size valentine's day shoot

Listen up, these are things you can do as a single girl for Valentine’s Day

  • Treat yourself to a nice lunch/outfit
  • Take yourself out on a date
  • Treat your family..because why not right?

plus size valentine's day shoot

So what are most of you up to? I would love to know lol. Drop your comments below sis.