Oh my goodness! Who thought dressing under a $20 budget would be so easy?!

This is literally how I envision walking into a fresh new week! I damn shook myself lol. Hope all of you amazing people had a fun filled relaxed weekend. 

fashion under a budget

You know at times you just meet people and you click right away and that has to be the best feeling ever, that;s how I felt when i met fashion and lifestyle blogger Diana also know as Denim and Cateye.. So when she asked me to join in on her blog post idea; you best believe I went all in lol!

We literally came to show and show out on how you can easily slay on a budget; because let’s face it, we are all on damn budget. 

Now next week is a holiday, somebody say ooohhh yeaaaah! And we have the most anticipated event that’s going to happen on May 1st; Safaricom Jazz At 5 and I don’t know about you but I intend to look my best under a budget. This outdoor event calls for casual wear, comfort and fun outfits because let’s face it no one is going to come in heels, as in ?! 

fashion style under a budget

Outfit Details

Nyawi wears:

 Denim coat – Ksh 100 (Gikomba)

Bodysuit – Ksh 50 (Toi market)

Denim shorts – Ksh 50 (Toi market)

Shoes – Ksh 300 (Toi market)

Click here to see Diana’s outfit details.

fashion style under a budget

My style inspiration was super casual. I decide to go with my best denim shorts. Best believe plus girls can rock shorts and look super chic in them, I’m a perfect example so girls don’t shy away from them. Paired my shorts with a long dark denim coat, a black bodysuit and sneakers. I love how Diana’s style compliments mine, perfect squad outfit goals right? Remember to get your coats since our weather is straight up confused and you wouldn’t want to freeze and shine.

fashion style under a budget

fashion style under a budget

Hope you enjoyed this post and will be ready to shop and slay on a budget for the Safaricom Jazz At 5 event next week. 

xx Lots of love xx