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Let’s Talk Accessories Hunnie

Baby, It’s all in the accessories.

Your outfit can go from a basic 0 to a whole 10 with just the right accessories on. Before, I honestly just kept it simple with my jewelry and kiondo bag. I stopped investing in cute hats, statement bags, and even watches…it’s a shame, I know but guess what! I’m back to loving accessories and Imma show you just to go about it. Are you ready?


Source: MissNyawi

Girl! Just take a look at that photo and don’t tell me the hat doesn’t pop! The hat brings the whole swimsuit to life right? If you’re planning to take a short vacay down to the coast, this is a must-have. Don’t say I didn’t put you on. Also go for earthy colours such as browns, whites, or yellows. It’s adding on to the vibe.


Having statement pieces like a nice gold watch or some blingy rings can elevate your look! With the pieces I have on, a girl looks like a rich boss that didn’t come to play, lol. Try playing with such statement pieces, you can either mix it or be simple and go with either option. Arm candy never hurt anybody.


No one wants to get caught with the shadiness going around lol so it is evident that you need a good pair of sunnies before someone reads you out. I use to be a round frame kinda girl but I’m slowly inching towards large frames in a more rectangular shape. I feel it brings out some edginess, right?


Source: MissNyawi

Who in this world doesn’t like a cute tiny bag? If you know me well enough, I’m a kiondo type of girl but now I want to fill my closet with all sorts of bags. I’ll be starting small and see how it ends up from there. If you’re new to bags like me, start with basic colours like black and white it will be easier to pair them with your outfits.

Source: MissNyawi

Now you know. Hope this helps girlies xx

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