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Try something new before the year ends

Well, I’ve always wanted to wear a corset; much so over a baggy t-shirt paired with biker shorts. See me now lol. I finally did it! But the struggle was real lol. A lot of sweat was involved to achieve this look. Before the year ends I am challenging myself to do new and exciting things in the fashion and beauty sphere! Who’s with me?!

I have always admired this style. I have seen slimmer bloggers and fashionistas. So I was thinking “hmmm, what If I tired? I know I might look kidogo silly but what the heck!” I had a sense of some achievement, sis you have no idea! I was so excited yani lol. Those biker shorts look fashionable I honestly thought they’d look off hehe.

FYI: Corsets are a great way to help with back posture. Make sure you try one out.

Also, I am here to tell you something you have heard before: Try new things; get out of your comfort zone. Go for that outfit (in your size that is) wear it, flaunt it. You never know what could be on the other side. Some people ask me how I got super confident in my body; it wasn’t easy. And after realizing my body is here to stay I just had to love it. Love yourself sis, a whole lot! I would also love to hear what’s the one thing you want to try out before 2019 comes to an end. Drop your comment below.

Love & light to my sisters!

Outfit Details

White shirt – Mrp

Corset – Mofashionskenya

Biker shorts – Mrp 

Shoes – Bakcyard shoez

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