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Excuse the pretty pictures 

Trust me, the struggle is real right? It’s not easy to keep up with the gym life. When you’re a plus size girl there are things that um you find uncomfortable doing right? Well here are a few things I go through in the gym.

Before that; you are constantly told to lose weight here and there. Comments such as ” you need to do somethings” “your arms are getting too big” “how will you be when you get pregnant” yani I can go on and on and it doesn’t help the situation. Sometimes I go get to feel disgusted about myself and resort to slacking in the gym and eating my heart out. Do you feel me?

  1. Jumping jacks are a task! : Personally I HATE jumping exercises! If you have a big bust; it’s so uncomfortable. Men just ogling at you..smh. I get so self-conscious I’d rather workout in my own space at facing the corner.
  2. . Outfits: If you spot me in the gym I cannot dare to dress this way. I am in my large t-shirts, I look crusty and I don’t mind it. Seething is I rather people not spot my belly and love handles. BTW I love it when I spot plus size babes in cute outfits! (And after this shoot I am putting more effort in my gym style…when you look good, you feel good) right?
  3. .You are expected to drop weight quick. Lol this for me, heh! Yes, I used to be slim thick but now eh things have changed. So when I gym constantly sometimes you are expected to lose weight quickly. It’s not easy; sometimes you slide back and eat a lot, you tend to lose motivation to go to the gym and pairing me with a super fit person won’t cut it!

So I know I’m meant to push myself, eat better and just be healthy overall but it can be hard. But I end up comparing myself to other fit ladies or babes on Instagram who have bodies I would kill for. It’s no lie, and I do want to lose all the weight but I get comments such as ” if you lose weight your brand will no longer make sense” and hmmm, I tend to be like ok you are right. Why bother losing weight right? I end up eating, feeling yucky and just crappy! Finding a balance is erm…challenging.

This is what I have told myself; I will be healthy. I will go to the gym despite my insecurities. I will push myself because I want to feel good, I want to fall in love with myself more. And I will sound vain but, after these pictures came out….girl! I LOOK GOOD!

So excuse me when I wear my shapewear under my baggy t-shirt. It makes me feel good and you should be ok with that. Plus before I sign off; how cute are these leggings? I love how they are super high waist; making me look snatched to the T! And the stretch heh! Fits perfectly! Make sure to visit Mofashions, tell them Miss Nyawi sent ya! Next year we are going to be more invested in our fitness and health right?

What other struggles do you face at the gym being plus size? Drop your comments below ladies, let’s get talking.


Gloves & leggings- Instagram/Mofashionskenya

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