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Creative blocks are such a buzz kill!

Oh well, we all experience it right? You suddenly lack the motivation to create any content, or the content you push out is mediocre.. ugh. When you think of your brand you tend to get a headache and you start comparing yourself to tons of other content creators who are doing so much more than you are… well that’s been lie but after a random shoot and small serious talk with a good friend and bomb entreprenuer..I AM OUT OF MY FUNK!

Sometimes you just need to have a talk with someone in the same field. Share your ideas and be ready to open up to new things, you are a creative DAMMIT! Push yourself and step out of your comfort zone. Also, who in your circle inspires you? Are they constantly evolving? Then don’t get left behind. But by all means, plan yourself.. it’s actually true…that saying ” if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” sit back, have a mood board. Where do you see yourself in maybe two months or a year? That content calendar really comes through ( I FINALLY made mine..a serious one and I cannot wait to dish out content may be in 2020) Watch inspiring videos, maybe you want to learn how to edit..try that..invest in yourself. Most importantly DO NOT GIVE UP.

Before I let you get on with your day. I took these fire pictures at Moderne Studio. It’s a creatives dream trust! Beautiful space and also the lighting…it ain’t no joke. Make a point of visiting the studio or checking out their IG page by clicking on the link above.

Also, make sure you watch my latest IGTV series on How to style your jeans here.

Byeeeeeee xx

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