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Hey Queens! Hope your weekend was good and now I’m sure you’re ready to take on this brand new week right?!

Well, l wanted to talk about fitness. Now some ladies bash me when I post a gym selfie..talking about you now want to move away from the plus community lol. I get mad at such comments but then again I know they don’t know any better. Some people will straight-up want to discourage you and dear Queen I am here to tell you to go and be healthy.

You can be plus and still be healthy, working out, and eating good! Now, most of you want to get that snatching figure like today, and to be honest it’s not possible. This is something that happens over time Hunny by exercising and having good eating habits also remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. I’m not anywhere near my fitness goal but I believe I’m in the right direction. Also as you try and get into a fitness routine, keep loving the body that you are in now.

Here are a few tips that I use that might help a Queen reading this:

1. You can not spot train. I’ve been a slave to this many times and girl it’s the truth. You cannot lose weight in just one area, You’ll be mad that you aren’t seeing any results.

2. Start small. Listen you do not have to run 8miles on day one lol are you mad? Take it easy, start by going for a walk, swim, or even bike. You’ll gradually start building up a fitness/exercise routine.

3. Your journey is your own. Please for the love of God stop comparing yourself to others. You have to realize that people’s bodies are different, metabolism rates differ in people as well and then you also have genetics that comes into play. Write down your own target/goals and just work towards that. Ok, sis? 🙂

4. The most important one yet, Eat healthily. Trust me you can gym all day long but if you won’t look at your eating habits, girl.. ain’t no way you’ll see a difference. I’m not saying go on a diet but incorporate better-eating habits like, eliminate sugar.. you don’t need it. Take in more water, eat your veggies and fruits. Try using less oil when it comes to cooking..etc…

5. Get cute workout gear. This personally makes me happy. You look good and you feel good, it’s no lie sis! I used to workout in frumpy clothes but my mindset changed when I wore cute outfits. I saw my body in a different light, I appreciated myself more. Yes, I look like I’m about to pass out while doing burpees but at least I look good lol.

The best thing I’ve learnt is not to give up. Yes they’re days you literally don’t want to get out of bed but remember why you started and keep pushing.

Do you know what my goal is? To be strong and to tone my body. If I lose weight well and good.. it’s a plus right? haha. I hope those tips helped, feel free to let me know what are some of the tips you go by and what’s one of your fitness goals this week.

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