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Jumpsuits! The 411…

Hey Queens, hope you all had an amazing weekend yeah? Today we start the week with 4 jumpsuits you need in your life! When it comes to jumpsuits, the numbe one rule is to make sure they synch you at the waist because at times for us plus size short girls we can end up looking really funny if it’s not. I hope this article will help you to discouver your love for jumpsuits.


These types of jumpsuits are so much fun because of prints…right? The trick or tip is to make sure that the patterns aren’t too loud. It’s all about balance. Start with something simple until you figure out how to play about it with different prints that work for your body.

Source: miss nyawi


This is a jumpsuit you can experiment with so please go for bold colors and in different designs. It’s the kind of jumpsuit you wear when you want to go out to a concert in Ngong Racecourse. Accessorize with minimal jewelry and you’re good to go.

Source: Miss Nyawi


This is the first jumpsuit I ever owned in my life! Make sure the strapless band is tight so that it sits on your chest properly. With this type of jumpsuit always have on a good firm strapless bra, you want everything to sit up to bring out your figure.

Sourcfe: Miss Nyawi

A Structured Jumpsuit

This will always be a hit for me! Why? because you literally do not need to stress about it. It’s simple and elegant, perfect for those days you want to rock it the office or to a meeting. All you need is to bring out a handbag that is eyecatching.

Source: Miss Nyawi

Hope this helps..any other tips you want to share? Drop them in the comment section below. Bye Queens…till next time xx

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