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Athleisure will never run out of style. Period!

Simple Athleisure Wear

I am such a huge fan of athleisure wear because it’s so darn comfy and easy to put together. Literally, you can go out of the house in your gym/sweat pants and with alil minimal styling you go from looking like a bum to a stylish babe on the run! Cute right?! Plus if you’re like me and don’t want to rock your heels you can for sure bet that your sneakers and favourite pair of converse will do the trick.

Here are some tips when it comes to styling athleisure wear:

  1. Make it comfortable. Trust me comfort is all you want when it comes to getting it right. But please let it not be over baggy.. you know what I mean?
  2. Accessories. This can be done with a statement coat or scraf. You can always add a pop of colour, don’t shy away from that.
  3. If you must rock your gym pants, kindly don’t show off the branding.. some aren’t be safe it sbest you rock plain black gym pants. Don’t leave out your matching top. It’s such a vibe!

That’s it for now. Kindly send this to a friend who needs some style inspiration for the week.

Till next time, Queens xx

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