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How To Style Your Graphic Tee

Hello hello Queens! Hope your weekend was nothing but short of amazing! Also how fast has this month MOVED! (I’m happy though lol) Let’s get into this week’s first blog post.

A graphic tee or vest is a simple way of adding some oomph to your whole look. It gives you a certain vibe…carefree and stylish at the same damn time. You get me? I know you do.

So how do you switch up your style you ask? Let me show you.

  1. By add ons: Like a blazer/ bag or a statement bag.

See how these tiny details change up the whole fit?! It can quickly change from a day look to an evening cocktail look with your squad in seconds. You don’t have to try hard to achieve this look. I do suggest you play around with bright colours. This is the year of adding colours to your fits.

There you go, folks. Short, sweet, and straight to the point. I hope this post helps you out the next time you’re stressed about styling your fit. Have a lovely week xx

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