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Blazers…How To Get The Most Out Of Them

Good morning ladies?! Today I want to tell you something about blazers and how to style them. I used to have a love-hate relationship with them but after learning a few tips here and there, I absolutely love rocking a blazer! From the office down to the club you’ll look chic with a blazer.


So how do you just get the most out of a blazer?

  1. Get one with that can be styled with most things in your closet. If it’s your first time trying to style a blazer, this is perfect for you. I’m sure you’re not about to break bank getting different blazers right? Let’s work with what we have.

2. Lenght Matters.

For a curvy babe, you most definitely want a cropped blazer (this looks so good! Need to get my hands on at least one) or a blazer that sits right at the hips..not shorter or longer. It creates a longer silhouette and brings that flare out.

Those are the two main tips when it comes to getting a blazer. Have fun and experiment with all prints and’s one wardrobe piece that will never run out of style.

That’s it, folks…have an amazing week ahead xx

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