The rainy weather is here but that doesn’t mean I can’t pull a freeze and shine stunt…right?

Hey guys, how’s the new month taking you? I know it’s super cold, the weather has been meh and ugh If you’re like me, your favourite sport right now is eating and sleeping.

Ankara Dress For Plus Size Women

Now I normally don’t post much on kitenge outfits but girrrrlllll! I am going to dish out on my favourtie pieces from Nguo Affordable. This post right here is about my wish list when it comes to kitenge outfits. I also believe every woman should at least have these in her closet..they come in handy. ( Btw make sure to check them out, those prices…woosh..crazy cheap!)

Kitenge Pants.

I had some beautiful leso pants like 6 years ago. Now at that time I did love them but never wore them. The fit was horrible. Anyway enough about my bad experience but I have learned a thing or two when it comes to getting the right kitenge pants. Make sure they are high waist! It makes you look cinched hunnie!

Ankara Dress For Plus Size Women

Kitenge Maxi Skirt

Everyone loves a good maxi skirt. The one that almost sweeps the floor and is a perfect A-line shape, right? First of all the colour on this skirt is just WOW! the print as well. I don’t have much when it comes to getting a good maxi skirt. All I think about is the length of it.  Ankara Dress For Plus Size Women

A High Low Dress

If you know my style, I don’t put on high low dresses, but this dress is giving me life! Like the print of it..uuwi! It fit me perfectly sis! Like perfectly. Nguo affordable, you guys have cracked the plus size style I tell ya! Anyway, back to the dress, to get the perfect high low dress, the front part has to be right at the knee or slightly above it, while the train can either sweep the floor (yaaaas) or just be above the knee. It all needs to balance out. Plus the waist has to be seriously cinched!

Ankara Dress For Plus Size Women

A Skater Dress

Don’t I just love skater dresses!!! They are super cute, and just make you feel extra girlie. Ama it’s me? Lol. They are perfect for evening cocktail events and even weddings (when the sun comes out to play). The best advice I can give to you is, let the length sit around your knees. Keeping it cute, sexy and decent all the way.

Ankara Dress For Plus Size Women

What other kitenge items do you think are essential in your wardrobe? Drop your comments below.

Have a great weekend my queens!