Here’s a secret…it doesn’t fit me. Sssshhh

So ladies, how’s the month of May taking you? One of my goals for the month was to seriously de-clutter my wardrobe. I realized that I am a hoader..big time. I had to let go of so many things like now my wardrobe is empty..(sob). Anyway, I found this cute kitenge print jumpsuit that I had made by a fashion designer; Vivienne Taa in 2017. You can be the judge and read that old post here. Back on track; yeah so I found this old cute thang, tried it on…ripped the zip *sigh* clearly I ain’t that size 14 girl no more. Don’t be fooled by the smile sis.

ankara plus size jumpsuit/curveswithstyle

Though I asked this a couple of weeks back .. I think; what do you do with your “old” clothes? I decided to bless my cleaning ladies with clothes and shoes. They do so much for me so why not give them stuff in return right? You know when giving out clothes kindly don’t put in torn worn out clothes. That just wouldn’t be fair.

Anywho, since I believe that every Kenyan owns a kitenge jumpsuit ( correct me if I’m wrong) I want to bless someone with this one. It’s wide legged ( trust me since I added weight, you can’t tell lol) plus the off-shoulder ruffle detail is just beautiful. Makes the lucky girl feel like a senorita. Oh and the print..girl it is perfect for us curvy girls.

ankara plus size jumpsuit/curveswithstyle

I think I’m slowly getting to know what kind of jumpsuits are for my body. For starters;

  • It must be stretch material… I am talking about the light fabric. Heavy fabric will just make me uncomfortable.
  • Now I know if it’s off-shoulder then the bottom should be a slim fit. It makes my body look better.
  • Heck, I can withstand all sorts of colours! Be it neutral or loud your girl can rock it!
  • Shoulder pads are a win in jumpsuits as seen in my last post here.


ankara plus size jumpsuit/curveswithstyle

Sad, I will be parting with this beautiful jumpsuit but! I am on the hunt for a tailor who will make the right one! If you have any suggestions, be a dear and share it with me. Thank you!

Have a blessed week xx