Of-course as you all know the rainy cold..dreary weather is upon us.Most of us..(well not me) are getting the flu (praying you do get well) because of the weather.We need to keep warm and be stylish at it..you feel me?..I hope you do..haha


Now of late,I’ve have noticed that alot of fashion bloggers and also the current fashion trend has hints of red(i’m sure you have noticed this right?) in an outfit or its full blown red..either way something has to be red.I.m not a huge red fan but at times you just have to go with the flow.Since its been cold..its the best time to layer up.Paired my red coat with my heavy knit sweater,mom jeans and a pair of flats..wanted a casual look(plus I’m tired of heels ).And how can I forget..topped of this overall look with my wide brimmed red hat.





Keep warm and have a lovely week/weekend ahead xx