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(btw as I write/post this i’m currently jamming to some old school RnB songs especially 3LW..remember that group?!)today’s blog post is about pulling off mom jeans.Now i know..i know..most of you will start going about how they don’t fit right…they make you look weird and don’t flatter your body in any manner..and your list can go on and on about how mom jeans just aren’t right for a curvy/plus-size body.So…i’m basically here to prove all of y’all WRONG!

So what exactly are mom jeans?Well…so these were jeans that were worn around the 80’s early 90’s and they were called that because the style was made popular by the infamous American soccer moms.They’re light blue and high-waist.



As far as mom jean styling tips go, keeping your shirt simple and tucked in will ensure your waist is accentuated, your hips are prevalent, and you are completely up to speed with the taste and finesse of the fashion ladies we constantly swoon over. 

You can pair them with heels/boots to move away from the more casual feel of mom jeansIMG_1684.

So my question is…would you get into the mom jean hype?I’d love to see how you style your mom jeans





As I part..i have to listen to Destiny’s child- jumpin’ jumpin’ (another song i loved) 

have an amazing week ahead.

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