When it comes to plus size outfits….

Let’s just say most fashion houses don’t cater for our size, am I right?

Recently the founder and designer of Kendra’s Fashion House called me up and asked me to model some of her pieces. I must say the first thing that came to mind was ” do they really do plus size” “will it fit properly” among others. Your girl here doesn’t buy a lot of pieces from local designers, I opt to go thrifting because you will always find XL outfits and it’s way cheaper.

My mind changed when I visited and wore gorgeous pieces from Kendra’s Fashion House. Ladies, first of all let’s talk about their gowns

 plus size kenyan designers

The fitting of this gown is just right! Makes me feel super sexy, classy with a hint of bad & bougie! What I love about this outfit is that my tummy is hiding, the fabric is stretchy and hugs all the curves. Feeling like a tall glass of champagne! It only goes for KSH 6950. Pretty damn affordable right?

plus size kenyan designers

Now this pretty red number made me feel like the lady in the red dress emoji. I am sure all you of know what I’m talking about. The best thing about this outfit is the colour! The fabric is very good and stretchy! When it comes to off-shoulder outfits I tend to stray away because of the fitting around the bust area. It seems Kendra’s Fashion House got that covered perfectly!

plus size kenyan designers/missnyawi

Kitenge prints for the win! I always thought these kitenge off-shoulder dresses were such a cliche but GIRL! I fell in love with it the minute I put it on! It’s free fitting, the length is just right and the prints on this outfit! I am in love! We dark skinned girls have our colour and that’s yellow!

 plus size kenyan designers/missnyawi

Lastly this sexy black body hugging dress! This outfit..perfect! The detailed kitenge ruffles that start just below the end of the hips makes this outfit super extra! Can’t you see my figure? That’s what I personally look for in an outfit, does it hug my curves well, does it cinch at the waist as well?

We;; ladies check out more on my Instagram about the other outfits. Plus I would love to know your favourtie Kenyan designer who incorporates plus size clothing.

xx Stay Winning xx