Kimonos and thigh high slits!

It’s a brand new week guys!!!Hope you started it off with a bang.Quick question,do you have weekly goals?Is it better to have such goals or monthly goals seems to work? Well,this week I am praying that I will accomplish some of my goals..and also you just have... read more


it’s a brand new week fellas!!!How was your weekend tho?Imma let you in on mine..its was good but oh my goodness when your tummy decides to have issue..heh..issa problem. Anyway,this whole month i’ll be letting you in on my body insecurities..why?i feel... read more

My sunny day style: Rompers x Denims

Β It’s finally February! Happy new month guys!!!!Well I have been really waiting to drop a blog post on y’all..heh so here it is Since the sun has decided to grace us with its blazing glory(lol) I made a decision to wear my lace romper,sandals and my... read more

A Pop of Blue

Hey there!!!Can you believe that the weekend is almost here??woohooo!!!I’m really ecstatic because one…my younger cousins get to spend the weekend at my place!! Let me tell you alil something about this ensemble.As a plus size girl black is like the... read more

Layer Up!

Of-course as you all know the rainy cold..dreary weather is upon us.Most of us..(well not me) are getting the flu (praying you do get well) because of the weather.We need to keep warm and be stylish at feel me?..I hope you do..haha Now of late,I’ve have... read more

Fashion Shoot x Market Concept

So two weeks ago,i was thinking about doing some sort of fashion shoot in a market..yes a grocery market.Wanted to portray aΒ  grocery seller..aka mama mboga and even add the “bougie girl” sent to the market look as well.You see some things are best said... read more

Nyawira Mumenya

Hi there! I’m Nyawira and this is my personal plus size fashion and style diary. Thanks for stopping by xx

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