*Issa offshoulder print vibe* It’s such a beautiful morning and I just had to share this colorful blog post with you πŸ™‚ This happens to be a 3 way blog collaboration post..oh yes!I had the pleasure of blogging with an amazing young fashionista and fashion blogger... read more

Plans in Nairobi City:Part II

*FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR SOUL,VENTURE OUT* Welcome to part two of my first and lovely travel post.To all those who have read the first part…many many thanks,hugs and kisses…y’all are the When you’re in Nairobi and you’re wondering... read more

Plans in Nairobi City: Part 1

*FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR SOUL,VENTURE OUT* Oh hey hey hey my lovely readers πŸ™‚ how you doing?*insert Wendy’s emoji*…well I am super swell and more stocked about sharing my first travel post with you!!!…yaaaaay πŸ™‚ So over the week,I had been invited by... read more


**FUN BY PRINTS** Hellooooo everyone :)I’m back at it showing off Wanga Mathenge’s amazing printed designs.As seen in the first post (click here) I again collaborated with my two favs Lizz and Fred. Yaasss i’m serving all sorts of stuff with this... read more


|SHINING| Now,first and foremost,I’d like to thank all of y’all amazing,wonderful,beautiful and lovely readers who constantly vouched and voted for me to win the 2017Β BAKE AWARDS;Fashion/Lifestyle/Beauty/Hair Category.Such wonderful human-beings you are.I... read more


DRAPED IN BLUES Heyoooo! First of all thank-you so much for the kind comments on the last blog post..I love you guys πŸ™‚ ..making me feel like a million bucks! So today,i’ll have less to say but to add that this skirt right hear..second time wearing it.It has that... read more

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