Back to Basics

Well I am back!Had to take some time away from blogging..i’m sure most creative people go through this creative block(knows ways to get out of this funk..share on the comment section)Had to see how best to inspire more plus-size girls in the community.Right now... read more


**It’s all flair and love from here** Hello hello my good peeps!! Hope you had an amazing weekend,unlike myself..welp.Well on to better news,I got a fab offsholder jumpsuit from a lovely Kenyan designer; Vivienne Taa. This jumpsuit is just too bomb!Fits in all... read more


*GRATITUDE WILL SHIFT YOU TO A HIGHER FREQUENCY AND YOU WILL ATTRACT MUCH BETTER THINGS* A huge huge thank you!!!I know..well cant really remember if i ever did a thank-you post to my avid readers and followers for making me win the Bake Awards;best... read more


*Issa offshoulder print vibe* It’s such a beautiful morning and I just had to share this colorful blog post with you 🙂 This happens to be a 3 way blog collaboration post..oh yes!I had the pleasure of blogging with an amazing young fashionista and fashion blogger... read more

Plans in Nairobi City:Part II

*FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR SOUL,VENTURE OUT* Welcome to part two of my first and lovely travel post.To all those who have read the first part…many many thanks,hugs and kisses…y’all are the When you’re in Nairobi and you’re wondering... read more

Nyawira Mumenya

Hi there! I’m Nyawira and this is my personal plus size fashion and style diary. Thanks for stopping by xx

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