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Good Morning!!!I hope y’all are well this week..and yaaas to the weekend,no? πŸ™‚

Today’s post is all about how to rock your palazzo pants.First of all,anyone can rock these awesome pants! Yes,you too miss curvy thang!I had worn my floral print palazzo pants to the most amazing event #thriftsocial that was held last Sunday.(You guys should seriously make a point of coming for the next one).Rocked my pants with a black bodysuit and simple sandals to create and have that casual feel for the event.


If you are a short curvy woman like myself,It can be abit hard to pull off the palazzo pants look.I had stayed away from them because of the fear of look more short and round,but I realized that you just have to careful with the kind of top you choose to wear with it.The best kind of tops for a curvy woman to wear with palazzo pants are more fitted like bodysuits or tank tops. Then because palazzo pants are baggy,a fitted top will provided more balance to your body.If you want to create a taller slimmer silhouette opt for heels,but sandals are also an option for those who stay away from heels.






Loved doing this with my fellow fashion blogger Style_script.She had the whole urban street style chic going on with her black oneshoulder jumpsuit,sneakers and reflector shades.

Have a great weekend.