Oh hey hey hey my lovely readers ๐Ÿ™‚ how you doing?*insert Wendy’s emoji*…well I am super swell and more stocked about sharing my first travel post with you!!!…yaaaaay ๐Ÿ™‚

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So over the week,I had been invited by Nairobi Safari Club to hang in their beautiful hotel that’s within Nairobi City.This is a perfect place for anyone who is in transit from city to city or for those amazing tourists who are visiting the city and need a place to stay during their visit.First of all,did you know that back in the day the hotel was built by a very wealthy man for his wife..(aaaaw,right?)It’s a hotel made on the foundation of love..cute!

I checked in on a Wednesday.The staff at Nairobi Safari Club are so nice,very friendly and they make you feel at home.They put you in such a relaxing mood,who wouldn’t want that in this busy city of Nairobi?A big shout out to STELLA!

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Breakfast was lovely.It’s a buffet let’s begin from there.They have a variety to choose from;oats,fresh juices,breads and cakes,fresh fruits,to mushrooms,omelette stations..in short you’ll be in for a TREAT!

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After my hearty breakfast I proceeded to the rooms.FUN FACT:It’s the only hotel where all rooms are suites.*FANCY,right?*

You can’t come in to hotel and not have any bathrobe and bathroom shots right?The rooms are very spacious and have a antique feel to it.I was staying at the the topmost floor..peace and quiet I tell ya!

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I’ll go for now,watch out for the next post (click here) on my adventures with Nairobi Safari Club to the Animal Orphanage.

These are some of the things we love to do in Nairobi. ciao xx

Photography : Carole Tuimur Photography.