Welcome to part two of my first and lovely travel post.To all those who have read the first part…many many thanks,hugs and kisses…y’all are the bomb.com

When you’re in Nairobi and you’re wondering what to do..there are various things to do out here in the city..for example in my case,I went for the Nairobi Safari Walk on Langata Road.*FUN FACT ALERT-, Nairobi is the only city in the WORLD with a national park within.

Sarova Shoot Nyawi_24

I have never been to the Nature Walk..and I was eager to see what it had in store.

It’s a home for lions,rhinos,cheetahs,zebras as well as an albino zebra,a cute hippo,buffaloes and many many more.You’ll have to go there to see for yourself.

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Nairobi Safari Club was kind enough to give us lunch boxes packed with all sorts of yummy things.(Thanks)

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So there goes my second series of my travel post.Thanks for reading..see ya next time xx

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Till next time πŸ™‚

Photography by Carole Tuimur Photography.