This time I’m for real…for real!

It’s May! This happens to be my favourite month of the year…because well, it’s my birthday month! Where are all my Taurus’s at? (halla!!!!) So I made a promise to myself that is to keep generating content (this is every month I should have something up on my blog, stick to creating video content for YouTube and IGTv) that is relevant to my audience and also informative. To be honest it if you have no plan at will not get anything done, right?

curveswithstyle/missnyawi jumpsuit style

I found one way of how to keep track of getting my..(excuse my french) shit done & In a timely manner.

  • Get a content calendar- like I have seen this work for creatives. I know, everyone talks about it but chile has it come through for me.
  • Have an accountability buddy– errm yes. Well if you love to procrastinate like me, sometimes you won’t be able to properly achieve your goals. I have two close friends at work who constantly make sure within ourselves, we are achieving our weekly goals
  • Make the most out of your photoshoots– like seriously! Plan it out, your outfits what kind of shots you want and see how to spread them across maybe 2 weeks or even a month. Consistency is key.

curveswithstyle/missnyawi jumpsuit style

But wait; girls I just need to also talk about this amazing jumpsuit that I got from Gikomba last year. I fell in love with the colour of it. Isn’t it gorgeous? A hot pink retro jumpsuit? I swear the things you find in gikosh…mh mh mh! Anyway, so it turned out it fit me perfectly! I was mostly worried about the thigh area and the bust area as well. So I paired it with a cute neon slim belt (to hide the lost button and peeping belly, hehe) with simple “ngomas” I also found at Toi Market.

curveswithstyle/missnyawi jumpsuit style                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       So, ladies, I hope those tips above will help you attain your goals. If you have other ideas on how to achieve your goals and stop procrastinating, why don’t you share them below, huh? Have a great month folks


                                                                                 Outfit Details

  • Jumpsuit- Gikomba Ksh 40
  • Emerald Green Bag- Gikomba ksh 100
  • Shoes- Toi Market Ksh 500