Every girl I can bet ya; feels pretty in pink floral dresses!

Am I right or right? Well, this month has clearly flown by and I am not ready to get to December yawa! Can the days just take us pole pole eh? Anyway, I do believe I have kept up to my word by providing regular style content and be sure if you haven’t started watching my IGTV style videos; I won’t cut you off, just click here. (now we are back to being friends)

plus size maxi dress/curveswithtyle

Let me be clear girls, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS DRESS! I fell in love with the fabric and print. I have never owned a pink floral maxi dress and Moderne made it happen (that’s where I got it made from; so click on it and get all the details sis). I have a couple of maxi dresses, but this one outshines this beautiful one; I had blogged about it years back. Back to this gorgeous piece. I wore it to a family wedding and I just had to take bomb pics for the blog again..hamtalala btw.

plus size maxi dress/curveswithtyle

Let me just get into details on what works for me when it comes to looking snatched in a maxi dress.

  • Length: My friend, for me the maxi dress MUST sweep the damn floor! (excuse the dramatic flair) but the longer the maxi dress the better. You even look taller. So..by all means
  • Colour: This is important, maxi dresses are meant to bring out some fun and super cute girly vibes. ( if you don’t agree with exit..lol joking). Play with bright colours (comes in handy for weddings and cute date looks with your man).
  • Design: Now sometimes your tailor can really jazz you up by saying they can pull off your Pinterest design referral..it can either turn out perfect or really disastrous for you. Try working with credible designers for those overcomplicated looks. I wanted an off-the-shoulder look with straps to hold up the girls and believe it or not; the ladies over at Moderne came through!

plus size maxi dress/curveswithtyle

So I am off, but before I leave remember to live every day to the fullest.