You never know what you can find in a huge pile of clothes while thrift shopping right?Sometimes we end up with breath blowing items for example this short empire dress that I have on :).This print dress is one of my treasures I’ve acquired while shopping.The colors on it give me that extra glow as well as make me look much slimmer,which is a HUGE PLUS!
Reasons why I love this dress is that it’s versatile,meaning you can wear it from the office and switch up by pairing it with a lovely pair of heels and minimal jewelry for a date in the evening.Everyone needs such an item int their fabulous closet,don’t you think?
Again,for us plussize fabulous ladies,empire dresses hide the trouble areas,makes you also look slimmer depending on the print and size of the the print as well.With such a dress heels are highly (no pun intended lol) recommended.

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Photography by Lauralgraphy