Valentine’s Day is round the corner..somebody SCREEEEAAAAMMM!!!..J.K anyway I hope all of you wonderful reader are great this fine Tuesday.So this blog post is kinda different,this time round i’ll be doing a plus-size Β look-book series on different outfits us plus-size mamcitas can pull off during valentines.Excited?I am!!!

Starting off this series,I decided to well start with a BANG,literally!Thigh high boots are something i have stayed away from,only because of thick knees/thighs and never knew if any would fit perfectly.So,here’s a little secret…go for the ones with some lace ties at the top..it’s easily adjustable and fits just right!( you’re welcome :p)

Paired these thigh high beauties with my dashiki shirt dress (i am inlove with it and will surely make more) and my cute kiondo bag.The trick is,to be comfortable with the length of the shirt dress depending on how much you want to expose the thigh high boots.I’d suggest you go with something knee length so that you don’t have to worry about too much thigh exposure.






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Outfit Details

Shoes :Backyard shoez

Dashiki shirt dress: tailored

Photography: perixelΒ