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Late blog post alert..really sorry been busy and I totally forgot about blogging out this particular outfit.So as you remember,I had blogged about the same outfit here.Sometimes all you need is a leather jacket to switch up your look,right?

Here are a-few pointers for choosing a leather jacket when it comes to pair it with a maxi dress(for plus-size women)

  • Cut: It shouldn’t be past your waist.The best cut is right above or sits at your waist.To bring out your waist
  • Design:Get a design that compliments your outfit and body shape.You wouldn’t want to look bad right?

Also remember when wearing a maxi dress for a night out,a belt is your best friend!It brings out your small waist and makes your outfit look fab!

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I wore my beautiful print maxi dress,that has an amazing thigh high slit(yaaaas hunny!).Threw over my leather jacket,got my gold belt,my gold earrings and finished off my a pair of red block heels (perfect since I was walking all over the place..lol)

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Dress: Tailor Made

Leather Jacket: Toi Market

Belt/Earrings: Town

Shoes- Unique Accessories Kenya

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