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I Wear Shaperwear & So What?! (Plus tips on shapewear)

I never shy away from shapewear’s my bestie lol!

Girls, there are a number of us who feel super ashamed when it comes to admitting that they wear shapewear. Imagine no one will judge you. I wear it proudly sis! Plus who wouldn’t want to look flawless and shapely in a cute fitting dress or outfit? Especially on hot date eh?

Here are some tips that you might find helpful when it comes to picking out good shapewear:

  1. Go a size up: This I found to be true. When you get a size smaller chile all your folds, love handles you name it! Will come spilling out. It ain’t a cute sight. A size up ensures everything is intact. well-fitting and will not be super uncomfortable to be in.
  2. Black is a great choice: Yes girl! I am all for black shapewear. It truly does look beautiful (you know what I mean?) Plus you don’t have to keep wondering if people can see your shapewear. hehe.
  3. Get to know what you want to flaunt & accentuate: You read that right! Different shapewear can cater for different purposes, make sure you do your research. Personally I like to highlight a tiny waist, so I tend to go for shapewear that fully synchs and compresses my waist.

Flaunt your curves with shapewear sis! Be proud ain’t no one gon’ check you boo!

Have a lovely week!

Outfit Details

Shapewear: Mofashionskenya

Dress – Gikomba

Shoes: Instyle

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