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Inlove With Something Denim

Hey sis!

Denim will ALWAYS remain a fashion favorite. It’s a staple wardrobe item that every woman on this earth should have. That said, let’s talk about how you can style your denim skirt.

So I was skeptical the day I bought this skort ( shorts skirt) two years back, it’s a surprise it still fits lol. But the day I put it on.. it felt like heaven. The fit was perfect I tell you! So on this particular day, I decided to go out casual I(yes I was in public dressed like that) It’s about time some of my outfits see the outside properly lol.

My other queen Cindy (kindly check out her page) also came in a cute denim skirt and guess we were like dayuuummm let’s take some bomb pictures, we were twinning each in their own denim style. Cute right? Cindy went full out denim on denim style (I think i should try it out next time ) and paired it with a trendy statement hat, some cute sunnies, and slapped on a pair of black sneakers. Loved itit!

On the other hand, I paired my skort with a cute pink top ( I will always love colour), some large hoop earrings, and white bata ngomas. Simple yet perfect for a casual day hanging out with a friend. Our styles cleary complemented each other and that’s always a plus.

Source: MissNyawi

Have a great Tuesday and let me know what you think of this post xx

Outfit Details

Pink Top – Thrifted Ruaka

Denim Skort – Toi Market

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