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Something Borrowed From Mama

My Mama Got Style…ookkuurrrttt!

Hey fluffy Queens?! Hope the week started off at a good and high note .

Today’s blog post is all about how I took my mama’s beautfiul maxi wrap kimono dress for myself. LOL.

source: MissNyawi

Most of the times, we disregard our mother’s sense of style..(yes we happens to be me) and honestly they have style that can’t be unmatched. For instance, I don’t like anything red,,it never looks good on me. But the minute I took my mother’s dress and take pics in it…whew chile! I fell inlove. All I needed to do was accessorize it with a statement gold belt and some gold accessories. I felt like Mulan…kinda. From the prints down to the design of the dress, I knew I had to have it.


Now I’m just saying you can find a gem in your mother’s wardrobe if you look hard enough. Style it and return back to her in good condition.She looked better in it anyway, it complimented her skin colour perfectly. Anyway the moral of this story is short and sweet…your mum has style, you just need to find what works for you.


Have an amazing week ladies.

Outfit Details

Dress – Moderne  

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