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It’s been a minute!

Hey, y’all! Hope you’ve been good. Poleni, I have been a bit silent over here; that’s because I have been focusing a lot on IGTV content ( which btw you all seem to love, yaaaay! Anyway, I posted these pics a month ago (welp) but I noticed that I had some important tips to share with you ladies when it comes to picking/styling dresses when you’re plus size.


Source: MissNyawi

First of all, whoever said plus size girls shouldn’t wear white….is just a hater! I am actually tired of hearing that; oh it will make you look bigger, ooh it doesn’t look good..ENOUGH! White outfits look good on our bodies. I noticed that choosing a short white dress that had an empire waist elongates my torso …yani I look tall. The length of the dress is just above my knees..this is decent for me.


Source: MissNyawi

Everyone loves a good long kimono, right? I actually want to get more custom-made kimonos. So as I was saying; if you want to wear a short top and you don’t want to overexpose your body, this is where your kimono comes in handy. Get as many as you can; in different prints and lengths as well.


Source: MissNyawi

Now, this just happens to be my greatest weakness; maxi dresses! I came across this dress above and I was like yasss! It’s floral, long enough and wide enough. It’s didn’t hold me at the waist, so free and it is legit perfect for the sunny days and walks by the beach, right? Maxi dresses come in different designs. Fitting maxi dresses should be worn with body shapers; if you want to flatter your midsection


Source: MissNyawi

.Or rather one shoulder dresses lol. Yeah I know, it’s kinda tricky when it comes to such outfits especially if you are busty like myself. Before you get such a dress, kindly invest in a REALLY GOOD FITTING STRAPLESS BRA. You don’t want your titties sagging all the way down to your knees in a bomb dress right? A good bra can go for around Ksh 5000. Hefty but worth it.

Well that’s it for now, let me know what other dresses/outfits should us plus size ladies be investing in. Drop your suggestions and comments below.

Have a great week ahead mrembos! 

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