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Sun’s Out! Here’s What To Look Out For Before Buying That Swimsuit -One Piece Style.

Hey Queens!

If procrastinating had a leader, it would definitely be I mean honestly, it’s not something to laugh at but this thing called life has been Lil bit hectic.

But on to what I have in store for you! (insert your happy dance sis )

Image: Miss_Nyawi

First of all, how gorgeous is this one piece? It’s from Fashionnovacurve. And let me just say that rocking a one-piece, specifically this one made me a bit skeptical. I

Here’s What To Consider When Shopping For Your One Piece Swimsuit

  1. The Straps

If you find out that the straps for your swimsuit aren’t firm enough then my dear, they won’t hold the girls up high as they should. You need a good lift when it comes to rocking your swimsuit, especially if your swimsuit doesn’t come padded, trust me on this one.

Image: Miss_Nyawi

2. Size

This is so important Queens! Because swimsuits tend to stretch out and lose that elasticity, when it comes to one-piece swimsuits I tend to go for my exact size or a size lower. This is to ensure I look snatched and right hunnie (Somebody say” I know that’s right” lol)

3. Material.

This is so important to me especially since I’m heavy-chested I do not like my nips making appearances every so often.. you know what I mean? So this tip might not be for everyone. I always ensure the material is thick enough and well if i.m lucky I go for those that are padded.

Well, it’s that simple, now go forth and slay in your swimsuit hunnie! Next time I’ll be dropping how to hack that two-piece sis. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog, remember if you have any other tips kindly share them in the comment section below.

happy mid-week Queens!


Swimsuit – Fashionnovacurve

Location – Parkinn Westlands

Photographer- Pheelreel Studio

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