It’s a brand new week guys!!!Hope you started it off with a bang.Quick question,do you have weekly goals?Is it better to have such goals or monthly goals seems to work?

Well,this week I am praying that I will accomplish some of my goals..and also you just have to subscribe to my YouTube channel pretty please?..ok thanks 🙂


Let’s talk about Kimonos..I’m sure all of you know what kimonos are and how easy they are to pair with other outfits right?So,I got this kimono which is my nightwear btw (sssh) and paired it with my purple maxi dress.Things I love about this dress is its slit..I just LOVE it!Also the fabric it just snatches you up real good,though it can be abit unforgiving to problem areas like the tummy so a good shape wear will come in handy.


This time round as per my last post here I decided to let my guard down and to be more authentic as guess what?No shapewear for me..sometimes you just have to let your body breathe you know..not all the time can you look flawless( well you can but…)Anyway I hope someone can relate lol



Have a fruitful week y’all.

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