It’s finally February! Happy new month guys!!!!Well I have been really waiting to drop a blog post on y’all..heh so here it is


Since the sun has decided to grace us with its blazing glory(lol) I made a decision to wear my lace romper,sandals and my over-sized denim jacket.

Right now i’m loving and living my best life,embracing my dimple thighs discolored inner thighs and all of the junk that us “fat’ girls gotta live with lol. I ‘m starting to love my body more and accept it because it’s mine and no one’s else,right?


About this oufit,well cons on my ends

-It was abit small lol(i think it was meant for a size 14 but hey who am I not to try to squeeze into a smaller size)



Outfit Details

Romper- Curveswithstyle_ke

Denim Jacket- Thrifted