it’s a brand new week fellas!!!How was your weekend tho?Imma let you in on mine..its was good but oh my goodness when your tummy decides to have issue..heh..issa problem.

Anyway,this whole month i’ll be letting you in on my body insecurities..why?i feel that when i let my insecurities go and just live my life without thinking about how people will bash and judge me..i might inspire someone out there.Plus i think i look hella cute in this outfit even though my rolls are exposed lol.


I’ve been seeing alot like alot of style fluencers rocking these wide legged side buttoned track pants (who are skinny ofcourse..not shaming) and when i was shopping i found my size and i was like yaaaas girl!I need me them pants!(haha) So the tricky part was how to pair them..i wanted something edgy yet i was scared of letting my whole tummy out with them rolls..but I did it anyway.5258061456_IMG_0144If you want to be alil more conservative you can pair it with a bodysuit(black) or have a cover up and sneakers..not sandals


*Be more kind to your body*


xx Lovely week guys xx