|Melanin Desert Flower|

Hey ya’ll!!!Hope you enjoyed the first look of the valentines outfit series 🙂 This second look lean more on the romantic date outfit side.From the details of the print of the dress,the color to the thigh high slit and shoes..screams LOVE!!(I think)I got this dress done by my amazing tailor..she’s amazing right??The fabric was from Nairobi Textiles (cam’t really remember the stall number).I decided to add a pop of color when it came to shoes,hence the red high heels.It really complimented the overall look and brought out what I really wanted to achieve with this look which is sexy and romantic.


I would definitely rock this outfit for a dinner date at some fancy smancy restaurant or ideal if it was an out of town valentine’s date.It just gave me LIFE!Made me feel super confident in it..and there’s no better feeling than that,right??





Outfit Details

Dress- my tailor

Shoes- Backyard shoez